The exterior of the International Mail Service building.


With over 30 years in business, International Mail Service is the industry’s go-to source for the processing of foreign mail and packages.  Since 1990, ownership has been in the same family although in 2019 I did buy out my sister Leigh Greene and BIL Nate Greene to become the sole owner.  We built the business with one philosophy: provide customers cost-effective, easy-to-use services. Our customer base has grown to include large printers and publishers, fulfillment houses, universities, domestic mailers, associations, religious organizations, and e-commerce ventures of all sizes. You can find IMS customers in almost every state and some foreign countries.

While our parcel business has grown quickly over the last few years, we’ll always be able to process your postcards, letters, and flats too. Our close relationship with the United States Postal Service (USPS) allows us to offer unique services at highly discounted rates. Utilizing the USPS means you’re going to get consistent delivery to every country in the world, not just a few industrialized areas.

The attention to detail and customer service IMS provides is unparalleled in this industry. We make a strong effort to ensure that your mail and parcels leave our building with a complete address and your invoice is comprehensive and accurate. If there is an issue with your mail or packages, we’ll either fix it or contact you to make it right, whether foreign mail and parcels or domestic. We take our responsibility as the “gatekeeper” of your mail very seriously.

If you call our office with a question or quote request, you’ll typically have a response within an hour or two. Our sales and service representatives can consult on design and service recommendations to ensure the best possible value. Our employees remain a very important part of IMS and we’re extremely proud of all of them. They create and employ efficiencies that may go unnoticed to most but allow us to keep costs to a minimum while enabling quick turnaround for your mail and parcels.

If you have any questions or concerns about international mailing/shipping or the services that we offer, please don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more.


Mark Bouman, Owner

Toll free 800-466-6245


Easy to use

We’ve designed our services to work for everyone, from novices to seasoned professionals. IMS can package, address, and sort your items to ensure that they reach destinations worldwide. We can also work with your vendor, should they want to manage your data file while we handle delivery. Pieces can be identical in size and weight or completely different, it doesn’t matter!


Our high-volume consolidation process, along with entry-level preparation enables our customers to access the very best discounts available. These discounts can vary based on piece size (category), weight, and destination country. Our discounts can reach up to 75% in some cases, when compared to USPS retail.

Expertise and peace of mind

With over thirty years of experience in processing mail and packages, we have the unique ability to get your projects delivered on time and on budget. It all starts with the design and continues through making sure the addresses are complete and formatted properly. We work diligently to ensure that nothing leaves our facility without the best possible chance for on-time delivery.