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Unaddressed Admail to Canada

Unaddressed Admail to Canada

Looking to reach a highly targeted audience while sticking to a tight budget? Unaddressed Admail to Canada allows you to target residences and / or businesses in a specific geographic region for a fraction of the cost of addressed mail. All without the need to purchase a list and pay the associated costs to address and sort the mail pieces.

Customers with multiple retail locations throughout Canada can mail a specified number of pieces around any number of retail addresses and we can manage it all for you. You can send flyers, brochures, cards, coupons, envelopes, samples, magazines, and newspapers – allowing you to customize and vary your message.

Canada Post offers an online tool to help determine how many applicable addresses may be on a particular carrier route. Or, International Mail Service Inc can acquire the counts for you – you tell us how many you want to send (surrounding a single address or multiple) and we’ll do the rest!

Timeline for Admail to Canada

Once you decide on where to send your mail, we can help you build a timeline. This ensures your offer hits the target date(s). Since we enter mail in Windsor ON, it can take up to 15 days to reach the targeted delivery area. By paying the “Premium” rate (about 1 cent extra), we can specify the delivery start date (of a 3 day delivery window).

Preparation requirements are minimal when using IMS to facilitate your mailing. Items need to be bundled by 50 or 100 counts during production or we can provide that service. We then send the corresponding bundles to the designated FSAs.

Our experience can help guide you through this process to make it simple and VERY cost effective. Give us a call and let us know a little more about what you’d like to accomplish. We’ll make it happen!

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